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2 MAI  

"Types of discrepancy, types of text". Chair: Christine Proust
9:30–10:30 M. Husson Astronomical tables as handwritten objects: errors, corrections and annotation in the Corpus Christi College Ms 283 fol 114- 145
10:15–11:45 A. Brita Relocating Ethiopic manuscripts in time: mistakes affecting dates in the colophons
12:00–13:00 S. Valente Mercury, silver, or just the Moon? On some misinterpretations and errors in Byzantine alchemical manuscripts
"Readers’ practices with mistakes". Chair: Christian Brockmann
14:15–15:15 Hirose S. Do numbers matter? Mistakes occurring in commentaries for working examples in a Sanskrit astronomical treatise
15:30–16:30 E. Sammarchi Mistakes and ‘false’ mistakes in Arabic manuscripts on algebra : a case study
16:30–17:30 C. Berthold Contradicting classical stemmatology? The probably oldest copy of the Kitab al-Zina and its many mistakes


"Dealing with manuscripts’ errors globally". Chair: Agathe Keller
9:30–10:30 M. Friedrich When mistakes start making sense: ‘scribal errors’ in Laozi A from Mawangdui 3

P. Chaigneau
& Christine Proust

Errors in mathematical procedure texts from the Old Babylonian period: the work of a poorly educated scribe?
"Discrepancies as clues on practices". Chair: Michael Friedrich
12:00–13:00 R. Middeke-Conlin Errors, mistakes, and evidence for a counting device
14:15–15:15 L. Raggetti Divinare oportet, non legere. Identification and interpretation of errors in Arabic manuscripts on natural Sciences
"Distinguishing between temporal layers of discrepancies". Chair: Lucia Raggetti
15:30–16:30 S. Maronne

Mistakes and the edition of mathematical letters of early modern period

16:30–17:30 C. Brockmann Errors and corrections in some manuscripts of Aristotle and Galen
General Discussion


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